Solar Astronomy Project…Coming March 28th!

Join us in on March 28, 2010 at 7:00pm

(New time)

LOCATION: Parking lot

clip_image002 The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project is a non profit (501c3) organization that is dedicated to offering students and  youth in the Atlanta area a chance to enjoy the mysteries of our nearest star. 

Now Stephen Ramsden is bringing the view of the stars and sun right in the L5PCC parking lot.  You can use the latest in narrowband solar telescopes to bring solar activity in the Suns photosphere to the eyes of  students so that it may spark or reinforce an interest in the sciences among students.  BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Stephen Ramsden is an Air Traffic Controller in Atlanta and avid Solar Astronomer. He runs the largest Solar Astronomy Outreach program in the country (The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project using state of the art narrowband telescopes. Stephen visited over 70 schools in 2009 and administered the program to over 30,000 students. In 2010 Stephen will be administering a program through the City of Atlanta that aims to increase park participation while showing Astronomy to the general public. He is a NASA Solar System Ambassador and an Aviation and Space Education counselor for the Federal Aviation Administration. Stephen routinely lectures clubs and civic gatherings concerning subjects ranging from Solar Astrophotography to current NASA Missions.

 Click here for more on this organization 


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