Yes, we are highlighting our effort to embrace the “green life” IN ALL CAPS because it’s just that important.

G2GSealWe are super excited to announce that we are one of the recipients of the 2016 Grants 2 Green Assessment Award, coordinated by the Atlanta Community Foundation. This affords us an opportunity to receive a full building survey and energy assessment by Southface.

Southface will conduct an environmental efficiency scan of our building structure to determine areas for improvement and recommend opportunities to achieve environmentally friendly operations, specifically related to utility use. Opportunities to reduce energy consumption, water consumption and operating costs are evaluated and discussed in a detailed Assessment Report. The report provides an estimate of the annual operating cost reduction, annual resource consumption reduction, project implementation cost and simple payback for each energy and water conservation measure.

Finding ways to reduce our footprint and become more energy efficient would have a phenomenal impact on our day-to-operations as well as our community impact. For example, our current utility usage averages a whopping $55,000 -$65,000 EVERY SINGLE YEAR! That’s right you heard me…per year. Reducing this expense by even 1/3 would allow us to direct our budget on more community service and greater fulfillment of our mission. Can you feel our excitement now?!


There are so many reasons to go green…but my favorite is that it makes us a better member of the world community by doing our small part to save the environment from pollution. And, plus, isn’t breathing fun–not to mention, huh, necessary.  So if you need more reasons to re-examine your energy usage, click here and just think about it.