Event Rentals

L5PCC Has Rental Spaces Available for the Community

Shifalo Center (The Café)

Square Footage: 1,300 Square Feet

Max Capacity: 150 Sitting (with Tables) and 200 Standing

Shifalo Center1
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Dooley Suite (Classroom 005)

Square Footage: 768 Square Feet

Max Capacity: 75 Sitting (with Tables) and 100 Standing

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Non-Profit Organizations

$50 / 4 Hours

Renter Must Provide Proof of 501(c)(3)

Community Groups

$75 / 4 Hours

Event Must Serve Public / Community Interests

Business / Private Groups

$100 / 4 Hours

Need to Know

We are here to help make your event a success! Here are some guidelines about our event rentals. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our office at 404-522-2926 or email us at [email protected].

There is a $100 Refundable Security Deposit for Events (Available to Pay in Person or via website)

The Center has 8-10 Tables and 50 Chairs Available for Events, But Personnel Are Not Included to Set Up

All Rentals are in Four (4) Hour Blocks: Use the Time to Set Up, Have the Event, and Break Down. Renters are not permitted to set up early or clean up after their designated rental period. Events that last longer, than rented time period, will incur an additional charge.

Clean Up and Trash Disposal is The Responsibility of the Renter

All Rental Payments are Due No Later than 2pm on the Business Day Before the Event is Scheduled. For example, rental payments for weekend events are due Friday by 2pm.

The Center is Open as Early as 9am and Events Can Run as Late as 11pm. Renters Must Be Considerate of the Noise after 10pm.

Food and beverages may be served at the event, but the Center does not provide any accommodations to prepare, store and/or serve the food and beverages.

Parking is available but may be limited at times due to other events. There is off street parking available and we are also a couple of blocks from Inman Park/Reynoldstown Marta station. We encourage people visiting the Center to use a ride share service, public transportation, or carpool.

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